Maybe you’ve come to my site for the first time, or maybe you subscribed to the wellness blog I ran (On The Road to Bliss) from 2016-2018. Either way, I am so glad to be here with you.

I have spent the last two years delving into my mission and what I want to contribute to the world. I’ve reoriented my work as an artist to focus on sharing fiction stories about self-acceptance with a magical bent. Most recently, I have completed my first novel, Bondi–a young adult fantasy story about a young half-dragon who grows up in a town where he is the only non-human. It is about learning to love yourself, even when everyone else tells you that you are wrong for the way you were born.

I have transferred my previous blog to this site, and will eventually start using it to share how you can cultivate more self-worth and self-acceptance in your own life. I will also be posting updates, behind-the-scene insights, and bonus content about my creative works.

In the meantime, thank you for being a part of my network; and I am SO EXCITED to get to share more about my novel, Bondi, with you in the very near future!

All my blessings,


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