3 Books I Just Finished & am Loving!

I’m a big fan of a book I can dive right into and swirl around with for a few days. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been fortunate to encounter three such books:

  1. Evie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

This book is pitched as a romantic comedy—and I suppose it is. More so, for me, it’s a story about finding purpose in the small things, when the big dreams you had for your life blow up. I know that I’ve had to give up on deep-held aspirations, goals I’d held since childhood or for decades, and each time it sent me into a tailspin. Those moments of disappointment, however, have taught me valuable skills of resilience, hanging in there, and a deeper appreciation of the small moments in life—the walk with a friend along the water, sharing a podcast with a loved one, cuddling with a significant other. The characterizations in this book are flawless, and I learned more about myself and the world through the experience of reading it. Highly recommended!

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Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow
  1. Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow

This is a fabulous, original-style fantasy. If you’re someone who stares at doorways and imagines the “what ifs” of them leading you somewhere different than the next room, this is your book. While the protagonist can come across as a little oblivious at times, it is an enthralling read and handles some beautiful, nuanced ideas along the way. Check it out!

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Lost Connections by Johann Hari
  1. Lost Connections by Johann Hard

Have you ever felt like life isn’t working the way it should? That the world is disappointing you—that everything is a little off? This book dives into the 9 reasons why people experience anxiety and depression and explores how modern society is making everyone less stable. It gives fabulous suggestions on how you increase your own mental wellbeing in your own life. This book is a serious game-changer for me—and I hope you love it!

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