Changes On the Road To Bliss

First and foremost, I want to thank the readers of my blog for their insightful comments, messages, and support.  I have really having a blast sharing my ideas and inspirations with such lovely people.

As this blog is still in its infancy, I am refining the goals and structure of its content.

And I’ve made a few decisions:

1 – I will now start adding fictional writing.  I think stories can shape our perceptions of the world beautifully – and I’d like to explore the motif of The Hero’s Journey – and the metaphors of good vs. evil as applicable to our daily lives.

2 – I will begin reblogging articles that I have had published elsewhere on the inter-webs.

3 – As I will now be doing quite a bit of traveling every month, I would like to start including some photography and anecdotes about observations I make on my trails.  Growth can happen anywhere – and especially while exploring new vistas and surroundings.

I am really excited about where we are headed – thanks for staying with me, on the road to Bliss!

Peace and light, Kaelan 🙂

Photo: Richardson Farm Corn Maze

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